Secret Treasure Hunt

Ethan & Danny go treasure hunting. Along the way, they find a beehive, get stuck in the mud, and fight their way through some thorns.

We All Fall Down

Josh had never been skiing before, so when he went on a skiing trip with Nate he was learning the basics. On one particular hill, there was a big turn at the bottom. Would Josh be able to handle this turn? In this episode... Josh falls down, Danny falls down, we all fall down.

The Man Who Orders Nachos at Denny's

My friend James orders Nachos at Denny's. He tells me a compelling story of his cats, Mocha and Graham.

Over time James' cat Mocha became wild. She started attacking and biting him. Sadly, she had to be put to sleep. That very same day, James went to the humane society and something happened that would affect the next three years of his life.

Letters, love & life lessons learned

A man takes a chance at love, reconnecting with someone from his past. Tom and Norma shared a friendship growing up but then life went on in different directions for each of them. Their story teaches us that new beginnings and falling in love can happen at any time in life.

Alcohol Sting Operation

In the fall of 2010, I was recruited by a friend of mine for a top secret mission. He asked me if I’d be interested in a covert alcohol sting operation. My friend had connections with a police department that needed college students under the age of 21 to order alcohol from restaurants, bars and liquor stores. If these establishments illegally gave us alcohol, the police would give them a heavy fine. Since this sounded like one of the most interesting projects I’d ever been asked to be a part of, I said yes. Little did I know what exactly I would be getting into…

My Cancer Story (Part Two)

This week we finish my cancer story, talking specifically about the most “interesting” parts of my treatment. These are the blips on the radar, the things that went wrong. I also ask my parents about lessons they’ve learned.

My Cancer Story (Part One)

We’re back! Season Two starts this week with my cancer story. In 2008 I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and I was treated at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In this episode I interview my parents to discuss one of the most challenging times of our lives.

Season Two Trailer

We're back! Season Two begins February 15, 2018.

Episode Notes

We're back! Episode 2 of Trusted Words begins February 15, 2018.

When Everything Falls Apart

This episode is about when things go wrong.

This episode is about when things go wrong... when everything falls apart. In this episode a basement gets flooded, a piano recital performance becomes a cacophony of sound, and an extremely awkward hug embarrasses child actors during a homeschool play.


Man's Best Friend... or Foe?

Dogs are man's best friend... right? Growing up, I never liked dogs that much. My friend Josh's dog Digger would get into trouble (running away, eating a full box of cereal or crayons, etc.) and my brother Bryan got bit in the face by a dog once. In this two-part series my guests share these stories, and I explain how I became a dog person.

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